Certified Learning and Development Professional is a learning and certification program for professionals and aspirants in the domain of Training & Development.  CLDP is ideally suited for candidates who are looking to significantly enhance their skills and credentials for a successful and sustainable career in Training – as an internal Facilitator, Functional Manager or as an external Independent Consultant.

The domain of Learning & Development has changed for both learners and facilitators alike in the last decade.  The need for alignment to vision and goals of the organization has ushered in and underlined the need for practical, focused and application oriented learning rather than the traditional knowledge intensive methodologies that were a norm.

The CLDP programme deals with the most pressing learning challenges of our times:

  • Creating learning interventions for specific business objectives
  • Facilitating learning for  learners with access to multiple sources of information
  • Dearth of adequate time
  • Virtual Learning and Asynchronous Learning
  • Measuring training effectiveness in a big data world
  • Ensuring and measuring post-training impact

The CLDP program enables aspirants to obtain the visibility, understanding and experience to handle the function comprehensively and respond effectively to these modern challenges.

The CLDP Leverage

On successful completion of the course, the CLDP graduate will be able to:

  • Deliver 36 training modules and 9 Workshops for different levels of learners/professionals
  • Design customized learning interventions for different industries, learners and needs
  • Create material for learners and facilitators
  • Extract and analyze learning needs
  • Measure training effectiveness
  • Create powerful post training evaluation reports
  • Have access to tools and systems to measure training impact and facilitate real behavioral change
  • Sell and promote learning interventions

While the CLDP graduate will be in great demand in the corporate world due to their ability to deliver on call, he/she can also choose to be an independent consultant designing and delivering programmes for several industries and varied needs.

Enjoy the CLDP leverage in your corporate career or as an independent consultant.